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Our Projects

Mbombela office is coordinating the following projects:

Wheelchair, Food Security, Sewing ..

Casual Day

It is a national fund raising project that aims at creating awareness and potential of and for people with disabilities. The campaign encourages the public to contribute financially through a small donation through the purchase of a R20 a sticker and various amounts for various other items such as T—shirts, hats, wristbands and etc. On the first Friday of September which coincides with the International Day of People with Disabilities, an event or commemoration is held with the theme of that particular year being uplifted. This year, 2023, the theme is “Share a Smile”

The funds raised are then earmarked for:

  • Job creation
  • Social upliftment
  • Education and Training
  • Improvement of accessibility
  • Initiatives aimed at integrating persons with disabilities into the broader community.

Nappy run

Nappy run is a national campaign to create awareness of children of all ages with disabilities in South Africa and to collect nappies for them from the public and business community. 15 centres in the 3 municipal districts benefits from the project as well as individual walk in clients.

We receive donations from the NCPD, local radio stations, and local retail shops, government departments as well as municipalities and from community members.


Persons with physical disabilities in the following areas:

  • Nelspruit
  • Valencia
  • Nelsville
  • Mayfair
  • Crocodile valley
  • Kamagugu
  • Mataffin

Shared Goal

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Some of our Projects

We take pride in every event that we arrange and execute, giving back to those in need.